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Our Products through Employer Tax Incentive

Occidental Life Insurance

1. Term life insurance: ($ 2,500 @ $ 50,000) varies according to the person: age, sex and condition.
2. Accumulation of cash value: (Savings Plan) with accumulation at an interest of 4% compounded, tax deferred. With an annual partial withdrawal as a loan of the accumulated amount.
3. Confined Care Rider: If you are confined to a bed or permanent care, you will have a monthly compensation of 2.5% of the nominal value of your policy.         4. Accelerated Terminal Illness Benefit: If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness where life expectancy is 12 months or less, you may receive payments of up to 100% of the face value of your policy.

5. Critical Illnesses: Accelerated benefit coverage issued 9 critical conditions with compensation:
a) Heart attack
b) Stroke
c) Cancer
d) Blindness
e) Terminal illness
f) Kidney failure
g) Paralysis
h) Transplantation of main organs
i) He contracted HIV performing tasks as a health professional


American Family Life Assurance Company

1) Independent and Family Personal Health Plan

Compensation for Illness:


a) Visits to the Doctor
b) Hospitalization
c) Surgeries
d) Ambulance
e) Main Diagnostic Tests (MR’s, CT Scans, etc.)
f) And… .more


NOTE: COVID Disease - 19

COVID-19 disease is still on the rise, which is why Aflac is here to help you as one of our important clients. That is why it is necessary to let them know that our hospitalization policies will cover hospitalization for COVID-19 and our disability policy will be covering disability for       COVID -19, since it is an illness and will be covered under our policies.

The situation is growing rapidly and your employees could be without any type of health coverage. We can help you protect your employees with our range of Aflac pandemic related benefits.

If you as an employer would like to implement it in your company, we can gladly assist you, joining the Aflac family does not cost your company and its employees, under this current situation of COVID -19, activating the services will be very important for protect the income of your employees and also that of your company.
It is our obligation to be able to assist you and your employees when you need us most.


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