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PR Hispanic Chamber of Puerto Rico Enchanted


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Puerto Rico Build Your Business.
More than 130 companies attended 2 workshops on the same day.
Baseball project for low-income communities and schools, creating healthier and sports communities!
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1. "Knowing the Florida US Market", How to expand your business to FL making smart decisions. demographic areas. Laws and how to incorporate your company.
2. "FEMA & SBA" natural disaster loan program.
3. Apply for Domestic & Commercial Loans.
4. How to Reduce Employee Payroll Expenses Without Dismissal Using Federal Programs Approved by Congress and the IRS Agency for Puerto Rico.

5. Tax Incentive for employer.

Our Puerto Rican and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce AND CBCG in alliance with Proyecto baseball.
A program that helps low-income communities and schools, creating healthier communities, as well as non-profit entities with a mission to sports. This program continues the donation to these communities with equipment, gloves, balls, and equipment so that these children can exercise the sport of baseball, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Workshop: Emotional Intelligence
Managing the "Evil Genius" in Sales
More than 100 companies attended 2 workshops on the same day. 
Dr. Rodolfo Fernandez
Sr. Peter Hernandez

The meaning of using the Scale of Emotions and emotional intelligence to create the profile of the “Evil Genius” and how it impacts the sales force.

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Develop effective tools for managing the "Evil Genius"

Development of techniques for effective communication for leaders, salespeople and customer management.

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The lack of adequate training makes the job of the salesperson difficult and causes “bad temper” issues due to lack of self-control and management by the supervisor.

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