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Reviewing the Laws


A "Cafeteria Plan", Section 125 of the IRS Code, is a benefit provided by an employer which allows an employee to contribute a certain amount of his/her gross income to a designated "account" before taxes are calculated. (Pre-Tax Deduction) This "account" can be used to reimburse the employee for certain types of insurance premiums, medical, or dependent care expenses throughout the plan year, or claim period, as the employee incurs these compliant, qualified expenses. On January 1, 2014, our U.S. Congress approved that non-discriminatory, compliant, wellness plans qualify under Section 125. 

Business Meeting

Businesses need to be insured to have ample protection, especially in unforeseen circumstances that may heavily impact the company’s finances and operations. Insurances are meant to offer a certain protection that will cover financial losses due to these unfortunate events. Thus, here are some types of insurance you need to protect your business.

Analysing Data
Accounting and Finance

Both accounting and finance lead to lucrative job prospects in growing fields, and both involve managing money and financial documents.
The public accountants prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses, managerial accountants analyze an organization's financial health.
Financial managers and financial advisors, for instance, oversee an individual's or organization's assets and liabilities, helping clients reach their financial goals.

Team Brainstorm

When you adopt new products and services, it can affect your work systems.
Whatever your challenges, our Integration Services team can help integrate your company more effectively with CBCG.
Our proven methodology offers end-to-end services for most aspects of your company. We can also support your integration with additional services, products and tools.

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